2019 Dance Force – Medal Standings

Date: March 16

Location: Centennial Centre, Bonnyville

Entry fee: $5.00 cash at the door

Please be one hour early with your hair and makeup done. There are no hair changes for this festival, unless you have time to change it to two braids for hip hop. The competition committee reserves the right to run up to a half hour ahead of schedule.

Hair for Tiny Dancers: high sock bun, all bangs and flyaways pulled back and gelled and hair sprayed down.

Hair for all dancers (except hip hop only students): two tight Dutch braids, pulled into a low bun. All bangs and flyaway gelled and hair sprayed down.

Hair for hip hop only dancers: two tight Dutch braids. All bangs and flyaway gelled and hair sprayed down.

Schedule – Final times:

2019 Bonnyville


We Come In Peace (Kinder Ballet) – Future Stars award

Dragons and Princesses – Gold

Please May I Have One – Gold

Halloween Town – Gold


Listen to the Water (9:15 Monday Tiny Ballet) – Future Stars Award

When You Wish Upon a Star (10:00 Monday Tiny Ballet) – Future Stars Award

Hold On Together (4:00 Monday Tiny Ballet) – Future Stars Award

Fly To Your Heart (4:00 Tuesday Tiny Ballet) – Future Stars award


Chloe Nielson – silver

Grace Noble – gold

Mickeyla Tharle – gold

Kiersten Nielson – gold

Patience Colbourne – gold

Alexis Lambert – silver

Kaitlyn Welsh – gold

Camryn & Grace Jazz – gold


Funky Feet (9:45 Monday Tiny Tappers) – future stars award

Everything At Once (4:00 Tuesday Tiny Tappers) – future stars award

Lollipop (Kinder Tap) – future stars award

Crocodile Rock – gold

Happy Feet – gold


Faith & Miley Acro – gold

Reece Acro – gold

Faith Acro – gold

I’ve Got A Dream (Musical Theatre) – silver


Patience Contemporary – gold

Courtney Contemporary – gold

Madison Contemporary – gold

Angel in the Wings – silver

Sleepless – gold


Tiki Room (Kinder Jazz) – future star award

Go! – silver

Wicked Ones – silver

We Work for Gru – silver

Freak the Freak Out – gold

Invincible – gold


Patience Lyrical – gold

Alexis Lyrical – gold

Hayley Lyrical – silver

Courtney Lyrical – gold

Madison Lyrical – gold

Brooke Lyrical – gold


Farrah Hip Hop – silver

Mickela Hip Hop – silver

Ashtyn Hip hop – gold

Miley Hip Hop – gold


This is Me -gold

Let Me Down Slowly – gold

Camryn & Grace Lyrical – gold

Tread Lightly – gold


Emily & Brooke – gold

Kayleigh Tap – silver

Brooke Tap – silver


Courtney – Self Choreo – high gold

Patience – self Choreo – high gold


Supergirls – silver

Blah Blah Blah – gold

Hard Knocks – gold


Bounce! – Future Stars

Toy Story – gold

Jumanji – gold

Motorsport – gold

Bruno Live! – gold