2018 November Newsletter

Happy November!

Winter is upon us now and we are quickly approaching the holidays. The year is moving quickly and we will be at competition season before we know it.

Important upcoming dates:

November 9-12 – Miss Sam Choreo dates (groups have been emailed, schedule is in the Studio calendar in the Studio 43 app

December 14 – Christmas show (details in upcoming email, time will be approx 5:30 Friday evening). This will be our last day of classes until school resumes in January.

Costumes and competitions

Accounts have been updated with Costume and competition fees, please get those in as soon as possible, as we need to enter competitions soon, and costumes need to be ordered very soon (as they take 8-12 weeks from when they are ordered to arrive). Account statements will be sent out shortly (please check your emails), and double check that all fees are correct (group entries for each festival are $30-$35 each per dancer, duet entries are $40-$42 per dancer per festival/competition, and solos are $45-$60 per entry per festival/competition). Please note: we do NOT charge anything more than the festival/competition companies charge, this is exactly what they charge us. The same goes for costumes, and Costume fees will be finalized after Christmas when they cross the border and we know exact duty and brokerage fees. The fees for the Bonnyville festival have not been added (due to its tentative location). Intensive groups only: Fees for the Intensive groups have not been added yet.

Lost and found

We have quite a few items in the lost and found (the coat racks on the wall, as well as the bin next to the hamper in the kitchen). Please go through that this week, and if items are not claimed by November 15, they will be going to the Bargain Boutique. This includes water bottles and any other items found in the studio.

General studio etiquette

Please note that we do not have a cleaning staff, and we do ask that students and parents tidy up after themselves. Shoes need to be taken off at the mats so we can keep our tights clean. Socks, tights, bare feet, and dance shoes are the only permitted footwear in the studio. Even if you need to run in to the bathroom or upstairs for just a second, please remove all outdoor footwear.

While we do encourage snacks for our dancers, we do just ask that you clean up the garbage and the spills afterwards. There has been a lot of crackers and wrappers left after snacks, please make sure you are cleaning up after yourselves, and clean up any spilled food (beige cloths under the sink in the kitchen are great for cleaning up floor spills, just put them in the hamper in the kitchen afterwards). Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our dance home clean.

Have a great month!