2018 October Newsletter

Happy October everyone!

Dates to remember for October:

October 8: Thanksgiving Monday, no dance classes

October 13-14: Hip hop Choreo for all students, schedule to be sent at a later date, please try to be in attendance if at all possible (details below)

October 15: Hip hop Choreo fees due (details below)

October 31: Halloween, no dance classes

October 31: Costume and competition fees due (details below)

Official Studio 43 App

If you haven’t done so already, please download the studio app (Found on the App Store here and Google Play here). You will login with your Studio Director information. The studio app allows you to:

-check your child’s class schedule

-access the studio calendar (and check schedules for Choreo and competition dates)

-see your account balance

-pay your account balance (currently, this is limited by credit card only, and does not allow partial payments, we are working on that, please use ETransfer, cash or cheque if you would like to make partial payments)

Finalized Schedule

Our season is officially underway and class times are finalized. Double check all times (either through Studio Director or checking the app) to make sure that everything looks correct, as some times changed from the original email. (Miss Maria’s Thursday classes as well as some Friday times). Thank you for your patience!

Hip hop choreography

All hip hop dancers will have their choreography on October 13&14, please try to be in attendance if at all possible. A schedule will be sent out, generally the younger students are earlier in the day and older students are later in the day. We ask that parents do not video the Choreo sessions, and you do not post practice sessions (either at home or other places) on social media as all choreography is the intellectual property of their respective choreographers and is owned by the studio. Soloists, you have mandatory attendance that day.

Syllabus/Tech only classes

If you have a student that is only in a jazz or Acro syllabus (technique only) class, please note that we will not be ordering costumes or have a year end performance for these classes (except for Ballet which will only be performing their grade dances for their exams as a demonstration). We are trying to make sure that our littlest dancers are not going to be sad when many of their friends get a costume and they do not. If a student does not want to go to competitions, but still wants to have a costume, they need to be in a Performance class (it is an extra half hour to work on the dance for the year end show). If your Syllabus student would like to change to a performance class, please let Miss Maria know by October 31 as that is when costumes will be ordered!

Choreo, costumes and Competitions – Fees due

Hip hop Choreo fees for all grade 1 and up dancers will be due October 15, this is a $75 fee per dancer that helps cover the cost of our amazing choreographers. These guys are a lot of fun and the students had such a fantastic time with them, their energy and enthusiasm was very contagious for our students. Please try not to miss Choreo day if at all possible.

Costumes – Kinder, Performance and Competition students will be measured for costumes this month by their instructors, the order will be in by the end of this month so we are not rushing for costumes in the spring (this normally takes 10-12 weeks after we place the order). All Tiny costumes will be ordered the first week of January (those deposits will be due January 15). Costume deposits will be added for all Kinder, Performance and Competition classes by the end of the month, this deposit is based on last year’s prices. After costumes cross the border and all duty, exchange and brokerage fees are calculated, final Costume fees are calculated and the final fees will be on your bill in February. On average, last year, costumes were approximately $80 per costume. For costumes that come in under that amount (which many of the Tiny and Kinder costumes are in this category), a cheque is issued to you for the difference in the spring when you come to pick up your costumes. We ask that all costumes be kept clean and neat for competitions and performances and after the final performance of the year, all costumes are yours to take home. Costumes do not go home with students until all accounts are paid in full!

Competition fees and information

If your child is in a class that has the opportunity to go to festivals or competitions, you will receive an email about it. Our competition weekends are:

March 16-17 – Possible local festival, location to be determined (Open to all Tiny, Kinder, Competition and Intensive students), this event is not final yet.

April 4-7 – Santana Dance Festival (Festival/Competition format) – St. Albert (Kinder Intensives, Competition and Intensive students)

April 17-20 (optional, due to dates) For the Love of Dance (Festival/Competition format) – Fort Saskatchewan (Kinder Intensives, Competition and Intensive students) – this is during the Easter break, and ends the Saturday of the Easter weekend. As this is one of our students favourite events we do in the spring, we do not want to take it out of the lineup, but we realize that some families have holidays booked at this time. This will be available on a group by group basis, as well as to all solos and duets, dependant upon student attendance.

May 1-5 – Dance Extreme – Sherwood Park (Competition and Intensive students only). This is the event that can qualify students for Kelowna in July. More information will be sent out about Kelowna later.

May 9-12 – Competition to be determined (Pre-Jr, Intermediate and Sr Intensives only) – location will be either Edmonton or Calgary. Information will be sent to applicable families only.