Our first music video!

Our hip hop Convention this summer was a blast for all the kids involved. The guys from G2 Entertainment, did an amazing job with all of the students that came to participate, some who had never had the opportunity to be in something like this. Featuring dancers from across Alberta, this concept video is the first of its kind, highlighting the talent we have across the province from our students and guests from other studios, and showcasing our amazing dance space. Dancers learned to work with the weather, the different dance spaces, quick choreography pickups, and brining their performance to the next level.

Please enjoy the first collaboration with G2 and Studio 43!

If you loved this video, you’ll love dancing with us. Luke and Edgar are coming down again this year for our hip hop choreography! We are so lucky to have such an amazing choreography team, bringing our hip hop program to new heights and pushing the kids, while keeping the choreography age appropriate and fun for the kids. Can’t wait to see you guys again and see what you have in store for our dancers!