2018 – Summer – Hip hop Convention

**Updated August 6 – Due to registration numbers, we have had to change the schedule and fees, please scroll down for details.**

Always wanted to do hip hop, or want to take your hip hop dancing further? We are bringing an amazing opportunity to you, and saving you the time and travel expenses of going to the city to take a convention with some amazing talent. Lukas Locke and Edgar Reyes are co-founders of the biggest hip hop dance companies in Edmonton and Calgary, and we are bringing them to you. They are fun, energetic, and it’s guaranteed that dancers are going to have an amazing time, and learn so much in this jam packed weekend.

Date: August 10&11, 2018

Location: Studio 43 (text Miss Maria at 780-812-6235 for directions, we’re located in Moose Lake Meadows, Lot 43)

This convention is open to all dancers, ages 3 and up, regardless of where they dance. This will be an amazing experience, benefiting the students hip hop knowledge and repertoire. All our dancers always leave, wishing they could dance with these guys even more, they’re so much fun and have amazing energy and passion for what they do. Come and join us for an amazing weekend of dancing!


**register according to the grade of school your child will be attending in the fall**

Group 1 – Preschool/kindergarten (approx ages 3-5)

Group 2 – Grade 1-3

Group 3 – Grade 4-7

Group 4 – Grade 8-12


4:15-5:00 – Group 1

5:00-7:00 – Group 2 & 3

7:00-9:00 – Group 4


9:00-11:00 – Group 2/3/4 – Masterclass Video Workshop!


We are offering you an amazing deal for classroom time with this amazing guys. Conventions in the city can cost hundreds of dollars and you will not get such a small class setting, not to mention saving you the travel costs of gas, food and lodging in the city. This is a fantastic price, make sure to take advantage of it!

Prices include GST:

Group 1: $25

Group 2/3/4: $120

**Payment can be made by either eTransfer (email:studio43dance@gmail.com, make the password something that can be guessed or text it to 780-812-6235), cheque (please make payable to Studio 43 Dance, there is a $25 NSF fee), or cash at the door. Students must be registered before classes begin, and all payment must be paid in full before students will be permitted into the studio.**

What to wear/bring:

Something comfortable to dance in, clean, inside only runners (shoes are only permitted in the north studio, please make sure they are clean, sand ruins our floors), a water bottle, and a nut-free lunch for Saturday (a microwave is available). Long hair tied back in a ponytail.

To register:

Existing students: Preschool-Kindergarten click here, Grade1-3 students click here, Grade 4-7 click here, Grade 8-12 click here. These links should take you directly to the class registration.

New students: go here to create a Studio Director account. (You will need to enter your main family contact info, and then your student’s information). Then go to the 2018 Summer Season tab, and select the age group you want to register for the Hip Hop Convention. If you have any problems, please email Miss Maria (studio43dance@gmail.com) the following information (copy and paste the following):

1. Parent/Guardian(s) first and last name

2. Home address

3. Parent cell number (we use this for group texts and to let you know if there are any changes to the classes only)

4. Student(s) first and last name

5. Student birthdate

6. Student’s email and cell number (if they have one), we only use this for group emails or group messages, parents will be contacted if we need to let you know about any changes.

Please let Miss Maria know – text (780-812-6235) or email (studio43dance@gmail.com) – if you have any questions!